What You’ll Learn through IT Management Programs

Technology has become so ingrained into our lives that without it, much of what we rely on for daily survival wouldn’t happen. Almost everything in our modern society has some sort of information technology involved. Where there’s IT, there are files and applications, databases networks that need to be monitored and maintained by qualified IT specialists. New forms of information technology are in development constantly so there is plenty of work for an IT management graduate.

As well as developing and refining a wide variety of skills, students studying Southern Cross University – IT Management will be gathering knowledge and understanding. The program of study includes,

  •       opportunities to develop a professional level of understanding around the purpose and uses of databases and gain practical experience designing databases. Students also study concepts related to modern data modeling, database administration and security including how to manage big data and database warehousing.
  •       supported progress towards understanding the role of emergent technology by analyzing the important technologies shaping the business world. The IT management program also develops critical thinking so that graduates leave with a professional perspective that allows them to plan and gauge the impact of innovation and the ability to develop and implement new strategies to secure competitive advantage. Our curriculum allows students to apply theory and propose solutions that will help overcome the challenges associated with emerging technologies. Graduates begin careers in IT management understanding the social, legal, cultural and ethical implications of new technologies.
  •       access to a broad curriculum to build their knowledge of information systems so that by graduation students are able to identify activities associated with the System Development Life Cycle. Graduates demonstrate they can successfully analyze, design and implement information systems.

With the knowledge and experience gained on an IT management program, many graduates from Southern Cross University begin successful careers as information technology specialists working on software applications as well as hardware. Others become network administrators tasked with ensuring network systems function efficiently and information flows smoothly around an organization. They manage local area networks, wide area networks, intranets and the peripheral technology used within institutions, businesses and organizations.

Being able to approach complex tasks systematically and work logically on problem solving equips IT management graduates for careers in data analysis with responsibilities that include managing the software that manages data. For example, shipping records, monitoring fiscal data, managing payroll, issuing purchase orders and calculating administrative expenses and the myriad of other forms of data depending on which sector they choose to work in.

The IT management program prepares students for work in a forward thinking industry. By focusing on developing sound understanding of concepts and theory means graduates complete the IT management program with a toolbox of adaptable knowledge and skills. Entering the IT job market as an up to date graduate in IT management with accredited proof of knowledge and competence will open up diverse employment opportunities in a vast array of sectors including politics, industry, health and education.

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