X Amazing Student Services You Definitely Need to Use

The student time, which first began with many of yesterday’s schoolchildren, is incredibly rich and resourceful. The time when you need to do everything: master and digest tons of knowledge, learn to live in a world of independence, fall in love, make friends, make victories over yourself and be aware of the events that are full of life both in your native institute and in the world. That is why sometimes they just need useful services to make time for their studies. Also, every student has a lot of questions. From which fitness center to get a discount or how to cure a headache to how to prepare cool party food and not go broke, there are a lot of questions, and quick answers can be tricky. Therefore, we offer a short overview of the most useful mobile applications that will help you cope with all tasks.

  1. Perhaps the largest platform for video courses recently made paid access to some courses. Coursera has a huge selection of highly specialized materials or, conversely, general educational training. Courses and lessons are available in literally all important and not so disciplines, exact and human sciences, subsections, and branches.
  2. Write My Essay Online.Without experience, it is quite difficult to write an essay on your own. It is best to entrust the compilation of a prosaic essay of a small size to specialists. Unfortunately, writers charge too much money for their work. A few years ago, to solve this problem, the Write My Essay Online resource appeared, where qualified specialists can cope with the most difficult task, just indicate the discipline for which the work is needed and the deadlines in the “do my assignments” section. Paying for the service, the site visitor does not need to spend a lot of money.
  3. Google Scholar.A fairly extensive system that allows you to access articles, dissertations, books, abstracts, and court decisions on the websites of professional communities, academic publishing houses, online repositories, and universities.
  4. ABBYY Lingvo.The popular online dictionary and translator ABBYY Lingvo is one of the most popular applications for schoolchildren and students. The program quite accurately translates not only a word but also phrases, expressions, paragraphs, and whole pieces of text. Where necessary, ABBYY Lingvo uses correct set expressions, declines, and so on. The database comprises 30 languages ??and 170 different dictionaries.
  5. University of the People. Service is a large, serious, and free online university. You can choose one of the specializations – Business Administration or Computer Science, each has courses that give you credits, by the end of the semester you must have a certain number of them – well, and other features of the liberal education system.
  6. It a bit of a cheating method, but sometimes you can’t do without it. For a higher level of cheating, there is a HandWriter application. It translates printed text into handwritten text for delivery to the teacher. Users praise the solid imitation of human handwriting, including tilt, clarity of writing, the spacing between letters and words, pen color, and more. But the final result does not always look perfect the first time, so first, you have to play with the settings. In the HandWriter database, there is a transformation of abstracts, tasks, abstracts, term papers, and so on. Support for a variety of text files is also available, including DOC, TXT, and PDF.
  7. The Google Search Formula.That is a site that helps deepen users’ practical search skills. Google search experts offer tricks and tricks to help users better navigate the search engine and find exactly what they are looking for.
  8. Life 360. Student life is also an extension of the geography of trips around the city. Staying up to midnight with friends or in a nightclub, barely catching the last train – all this becomes the norm. To feel more relaxed in a foreign area, you can use the Life 360 ?? It allows friends or family to track your current location using GPS; it is equipped with a panic button and a notification function when entering or leaving a building.Life360 also offers a free group chat, with which you can send messages over the Internet and inform your waiting friends all the time if you are all right.
  9. Microsoft Office Lens.Service is an indispensable assistant for scanning whiteboards with lectures and complex formulas, homework assignments, and other useful information. The program scans all kinds of surfaces. Including slate boards, leaf stands, and so on. The resulting result is converted into PDF format, sent to the cloud, to another device, or classmate. However, it is worth considering that when scanning Office Lens clings to any glare of light and reflections. So, before digitizing the board, make sure that nothing is interfering with this.
  10. Microsoft Math Solver. Another assistant in algebra, trigonometry, statistics, arithmetic, and more. The application can recognize printed and handwritten text, and after scanning, it gives detailed solutions to examples or problems so that you can not only write off but also understand how it works. There you can also watch video lectures on the topic, read examples, learn new data, and more.

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