X Best Universities to Study Technology

Specialties in the field of IT are considered very promising in the modern world of computer technology. In recent years, the profession of “IT specialist” has been at the top of the list of the most attractive and desirable, especially among young people.

Now graduates of “Information Technology” are engaged in solving business problems, software development, maintenance, network architecture, and so on. Many business companies are looking for people with multiple skills. When entering, do not forget that you need high scores in specialized subjects, a package of documents and a motivation letter. The writing service will help you in the latter https://essayshark.com/. In order not to waste time looking for the best universities on the Internet, read the rating of the 10 most promising universities in the field of “Information Technology».


  1. The Swiss University of Technologyis on the list of the best universities in Europe and leaders among other educational and research centers in Switzerland. Zurich itself is an economic center, where many international companies are headquartered. The focus is on mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Research is mostly aimed at processing information and new materials, the city of the future, energy, climate change. The most famous graduates of this university are Albert Einstein and the architect Santiago Calatrava.


  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technologyis one of the most prestigious universities in the world. MIT is best known for its developments in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. Programs such as engineering, IT, economics, physics, chemistry, and mathematics are considered the best in the world. IT study programs are held at the Faculty of Engineering. Students are introduced to the principles of design and functioning of computer systems. Lincoln Laboratories has more than 50 computer science and innovation teams. 84 graduates of this university received the Nobel Prize – and this is an absolute record. Bachelors study physics, mathematics, engineering and computer science, software, and hardware, study the principles of creating computers and their improvement.


  1. Stanford University.The most advanced high-tech industries are concentrated here. Stanford alumni have founded many successful companies such as Google, Yahoo !, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems, and Instagram. This university has graduated 59 Nobel laureates, 30 billionaires, 17 astronauts, and 18 Turing Prize winners. Here 18 laboratories and research centers are open for students.


  1. Oxford Universityis the oldest English-speaking university in the world, as well as the first officially open university in Britain. Of the 20,000 students, 25% are foreigners. As of 2015, the Faculty of Computer Technology and IT of this university is ranked 3rd in the world and 1st in Europe.IT studies take place at the Faculty of Informatics. Numerous studies are being conducted in the fields of computational biology and computational linguistics, information systems, software, and so on. Bachelors spend 4 years at the university. Since 2012, a new faculty “Informatics and Philosophy” has been opened for students.


  1. University of Manchester.In the list of the best universities in England, it is immediately behind Oxford and Cambridge. A huge number of graduates of this university are headed by companies that are leading in the world markets. 27 Nobel laureates studied here. Competition for admission – 8 people per place, 25% of students are foreigners from 180 countries. In terms of research, this university is firmly ranked among the best in the world, important scientific discoveries of the 20th century were made here, and it also ranks 12th in demand for its graduates. IT studies are conducted based on the School of Computer Science, which is the oldest such educational institution in the UK.


  1. The University of Torontois considered one of the strongest in research and development in North America. 68,000 students are educated here, of which 8% are foreigners. It is second only to Harvard in the number of research publications. IT training is carried out based on the Faculty of Information Technology, the emphasis is on innovative laboratory research. The university is interested in various startups, courses, and programs that the center for innovation and entrepreneurship deals with.


  1. Delft University of Technology is the largest technical university in the Netherlands, focusing on engineering and computer science, mathematics, applied research, and management. The university focuses not only on obtaining theoretical knowledge but also on practice. The study of IT takes place based on the Faculty of Intelligent Systems and Software and the Faculty of Computer Technology.


  1. National University of Singapore is one of the leading universities in Asia and the oldest university in Singapore with a global approach to education and a focus on the Asian market. 37,000 people from more than 100 countries study here, there are student exchange programs with the world’s most prestigious universities.


  1. The Hong Kong University of Technology and Scienceis one of the youngest and most dynamic universities. It is also the only science and technology university in Hong Kong. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary learning and the development of innovative thinking. Training is conducted in English. Such famous personalities as Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela became graduates of this university. Graduates of this university launch successful startups because Hong Kong ranks third after Singapore and New Zealand in terms of ease of doing business.


  1. The University of Tokyo is famous for its research laboratories. Students from 95 countries of the world study here, the share of foreign students is 8%. This university is the best in Japan. 6 graduates became Nobel Prize winners. This university is a member of several international organizations: the Association of Research Universities of Eastern Europe, the Association of Pacific Universities, the International Alliance of Research Universities. The language of instruction is Japanese, only a small number of courses are taught in English.

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