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Name: Steinar Winnem

Job Title: Owner

Location: Drammen, Norway

Company name: Steinar Winnem

Company Industry: IT and Web development

Company homepage: http://steinar.winnem.com

Personal Background: Working in computer business as programmer, developer and software support rep from 1974.
Development of web sites with easy to navigate user interface (see www.winnem.com) motivate me to search for this kind of software.

The I Googled the internet for software with Dreamweaver interface.

The reason why I preferred Sothink DHTML Menu is partly the interaction with Adobe Dreamweaver and partly the possibility to create Java script includes files.

I am using it to create web page menus where appropriate

The benefit from DHTML menu should be easy and fast creation and modification of menus in a graphical environment which immediately shows changes. Modifications are being performed in one place and immediately reflect all pages using the menu system.


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