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Name: Ben Clock

Job Title: Director Of Marketing

Location: Littleton, CO

Company name: AIM Techs

Company Industry: Internet Marketing

Company homepage: http://aimtechs.com/

Personal Background: AIM Techs is a internet marketing company dedicated to improving user experience and client success on the internet.
We were looking for a quick solution to transfer video to web. The project needed to be completed within a day. Sothink’s video converter appeared to be the most professional software to use at a reasonable cost. Within minutes of purchasing the software we had our video up and running on the website.

I did take a free trial before purchasing your product, and it simply just did not work. You went through the whole process of rendering your video, but when you went to watch your video you ended up with just a black box.

We use quick clips from site owners to introduce users to a site.

Improving user experience is always a big challenge as well as a goal. Sothink products enable us to do just that.


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