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2007, we are celebrating ten years of Sothink, the multimedia entertainment solution, the company and the community. It's been hard for us to survive under the power of software monopolies. We should be proud of all the achievements we have made, and we know very well that all these achievements could never have been reached if we didn't get support from you. To share the pride and to promote your success with Sothink products, please join our Customer Experience Sharing (CES), sharing your story with friends online. Once you are chosen the "Narrater of the Month", you and your story will be highlighted on our website, and you�ll have the chance to receive special gift.
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About their stories (in random order)
The video encoder (Video Encoder for Adobe Flash) is just so simple to use; I can transform my videos almost blindfolded.
I was looking for a simple to use software for transforming my videos into flash format. The design of the different flash players was important for me, I didn’t find any other software with a beautiful player design as this one.
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(Video Encoder for Adobe Flash) just makes life easy! Video/FLV and Flash are now simple to compile and display.
Quick and efficient programs to make web design more cost effective. Hand coding tends to waste time when dealing with tight budgets. For example, one of our clients has regular updates to television commercials. We have to quickly convert them and make them available for play-out on the Internet. Sothink Flash Video Encode (Video Encoder for Adobe Flash) allows this with ease!
Industry: Web Design/ISP Read this case study [59433 views]

Improving user experience is always a big challenge as well as a goal. Sothink products (Video Encoder for Adobe Flash) enable us to do just that.
We were looking for a quick solution to transfer video to web. The project needed to be completed within a day. Sothink’s video converter appeared to be the most professional software to use at a reasonable cost. Within minutes of purchasing the software we had our video up and running on the website.
Industry: Internet Marketing Read this case study [9680 views]

They (SWF to Video Converter) have saved me a considerable amount of time.
Your product provides flexibility: Choices of audio sources and capture area adjustments. The latest version of the software provides one click capture and start video which I really like. Your software is easy to use.
Industry: -- Read this case study [9939 views]

I have tried other products. Your product (SWF Easy) is easy to use.
Firstly, the project of some online learning courses made me searching for this kind of software. After searching in the web, I met SWF Easy. I have tried other products. Your product is easy to use. Now, I'm using it to build items to include in online courses. I do benefit from it for the fast items construction.
Industry: Nautical learning Read this case study [9833 views]

The reason why I preferred DHTML Menu is partly the interaction with Adobe Dreamweaver and partly the possibility to create Javascript includes files.
Easy and fast creation and modification of menus in a graphical environment which immediately shows changes. Modifications are being performed in one place and immediately reflect all pages using the menu system.
Industry: IT and Web development Read this case study [9916 views]
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