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2007, we are celebrating ten years of Sothink, the multimedia entertainment solution, the company and the community. It's been hard for us to survive under the power of software monopolies. We should be proud of all the achievements we have made, and we know very well that all these achievements could never have been reached if we didn't get support from you. To share the pride and to promote your success with Sothink products, please join our Customer Experience Sharing (CES), sharing your story with friends online. Once you are chosen the "Narrater of the Month", you and your story will be highlighted on our website, and you�ll have the chance to receive special gift.
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About their stories (in random order)
The other products did not work how I wanted them to; Sothink (DHTML Menu) did so got my money.
I wanted a drop down menu for a website I was developing. I Googled and came up with sothink. After using the free trial I purchased the full version and have been very pleased with it.
Industry: Wed Design Read this case study [4102 views]

We have been getting very good comments from people that use our site on its (DHTML Menu) ease of navigation and its great new look.
It is our main navigation structure we use on our site. It can get you to any page from any page without having to navigate a bunch of pages in between. It also has a very professional look to it that gives us more credibility as an organization.
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DHTML Menu adds to the beauty and appearance of the site and saves time.
I tried xara menu maker. I switched over to sothink as there is no match for this product. It is excellent. I am using it for designing website menus
Industry: IT/Media Read this case study [4080 views]

The DHTML Menu has helped me spend less time trying to build menus and produces beautiful, perfect, working menus.
It is one of the most wonderful tools I have ever had the pleasure to purchase and use! I don’t think I could work without it. I have recently downloaded the trial version of the Sothink Tree Menu and it is proving to be another valuable tool for my business.
Industry: Website Design and Hosting Read this case study [88135 views]

No waist of time by developing your own menu system and it is easy to adjust the menus with DHTML Menu
We needed a flexible and easy tool to build professional menus from our MySQL database with PHP. So our software needed a fast and solid tool. Sothink offered this.
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We are using the DHTML Menu on a number of customer web sites and they think that it is awesome.
It’s good because the product makes us look good. Also when the customer decides to change something, we can respond quickly and efficiently. I wouldn’t use anything else now.
Industry: Business Consultancy Read this case study [9233 views]
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