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2007, we are celebrating ten years of Sothink, the multimedia entertainment solution, the company and the community. It's been hard for us to survive under the power of software monopolies. We should be proud of all the achievements we have made, and we know very well that all these achievements could never have been reached if we didn't get support from you. To share the pride and to promote your success with Sothink products, please join our Customer Experience Sharing (CES), sharing your story with friends online. Once you are chosen the "Narrater of the Month", you and your story will be highlighted on our website, and you�ll have the chance to receive special gift.
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About their stories (in random order)
By DHTML Menu, I save time enormously, and I am sure that my sites will always have a professional aspect
I manage several Internet sites, it facilitated developed allows me to easily change the menus without having lines of code to fill
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DHTML Menu is much easier than other similar programs, more features, and more of everything
I was searching around for a good drop down menu program, there are a few of them out there that are somewhat decent, but I like Sothink’s the best because it allows for more open ended creating, it allows me to make exactly what I want without any hassle.
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I benefit from SWF Quicker, by having much more live content in a much quicker way than expected.
I found the combination of SWF Catcher and SWF Quicker to be the right solution – and it even had the effect that I was inspired to do much more with the tools than I expected. I find it to be a very fun process to “play” creatively with the intuitive tools.
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It (SWF Quicker) fits our budget and we get mostly all of the features of the high-end product.
I originally used the product to tweak our website, but have found it useful in preparing slideshows for customers, and it is an effective sales and after-market software tool. Our plan is to completely revamp the existing website, using Flash objects generated with Sothink SWF Quicker.
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The main benefit (from SWF Quicker) to me was the ease and quick development of swf graphics
I looked for a more interesting way to promote a business here in Perth. Using Glanda and Quicker was able to create swf files for use within an active email promotion of a perth business and its shows. By creating a series of banners and graphics within a HTML style email, using the free HTML editor from you, I promoted the business and its activities for over 9 months. The increase in business was quite evident by the business’ increase in turnover.
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Your products (SWF Quicker) are more flexible, not reduced to open only “own” formats, they are very intuitive to use and every time a surprise to find new or different solutions t
There are many issues which we could benefit from your software, surely one of the most interesting things is to import flash-animations directly (without to have the necessary *.fla-files), another interesting tool is the possibility to import and convert movies and to reduce the file-sizes to a minimum.
Industry: Publishers/Webdesigners Read this case study [4047 views]
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