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2007, we are celebrating ten years of Sothink, the multimedia entertainment solution, the company and the community. It's been hard for us to survive under the power of software monopolies. We should be proud of all the achievements we have made, and we know very well that all these achievements could never have been reached if we didn't get support from you. To share the pride and to promote your success with Sothink products, please join our Customer Experience Sharing (CES), sharing your story with friends online. Once you are chosen the "Narrater of the Month", you and your story will be highlighted on our website, and you�ll have the chance to receive special gift.
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About their stories (in random order)
I use them (SWF Quicker) in a lot of ways from flash banners to menu structures
The need for special kind of menu structures made me search for your products. I got to know Sothink by Google Adwords. I've tried other products, but your company has a good support. Now I'm using your products in a lot of ways from flash banners to menu structures. Sothink products are very good.
Industry: a lot Read this case study [4195 views]

For all my web project, the navigation system is created by DHTML Menu
When a graphic designer provides me a Photoshop template, I’m not afraid by their way of thinking navigation system. I know that Sothink DHTML Menu will help be to make it live.
Industry: IT Consultant / Website designer Read this case study [4544 views]

SWF Decompiler solves timing problems using sound files in Flash
I used to reverse engineering Flash in websites with SWF Decompiler., and now I’m studying Actionscript in Flash files using it. SWF Decompiler helps solving timing problems using sound files in Flash
Industry: Music Education Read this case study [3868 views]

SWF Decompiler has increased my ability to work with Flash Files and video that I did not have access to original working files
I haven’t tried other products, but purchased yours because it appeared to me that it would accomplish what I needed it to do. Was pleased with the first product (SWF Decompiler)and therefore have purchased others(SWF Quicker, SWF to Video Converter and Video Encoder for Adobe Flash).
Industry: Web Design and Animation Read this case study [5461 views]

I restored my lost FLA files with SWF Decompiler
I searched for it on google and use it to restore lost FLA files. I will also learn how certain sites are developed in flash.
Industry: Mail order & E-commerce Read this case study [3854 views]

SWF Decompiler helps me a lot of flash development understanding
I have been working at web industry for last 5 years, normally, I do flash design and website design myself. Now I am interesting in moving interactive jobs on web, and Sothink product helps me a lot of flash development understanding.
Industry: AD, Digital design & development Read this case study [4505 views]
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