5 Ways Web Development Teams Benefit from Note-Taking Apps

Out of all the tech tools on the market, note-taking apps are extremely useful for website development teams. It's not easy to take notes with your daily project management software because when a task is completed, the whole task disappears. You really do need a separate note-taking application to ensure all notes are easily accessible.

If you're part of a web development team, here's why your entire team will benefit from using a note-taking application.

1. Note-taking apps support cloud collaboration

Cloud collaboration is the future of all business success. There are already popular collaboration tools for project management, file sharing, and hosting. It makes sense that teams would eventually collaborate with notes in the cloud.

As a web developer, there are endless notes to take regarding client preferences, client requests, and brainstormed ideas. When these notes are in the cloud, it becomes a collaboration, and it takes less time to come up with solutions as a team.

Box has the best note-taking application

With so many cloud-based apps to choose from, you need a developer you can trust. You might be surprised to learn that Box has a note-taking application that provides the same level of security as their file sharing services.

Box Notes is packed with useful collaboration features that include annotations, embedded images, and up to 20 simultaneous collaborators. Just like the file sharing app, you can share your notes with a secure link and collaborators will be notified when they're mentioned in a comment.

2. You'll have easy access to text, HTML, and CSS snippets

Whenever you're working with clients, it's important to save certain text, HTML, and CSS snippets for future use. This includes copy your clients asked you to delete along with CSS typography sets and HTML color codes. You never know when a client will want to revisit a former idea they've rejected.

Sure, you can open a screenshot in Photoshop and use the dropper tool to get a specific color's HTML code. You can also sift through your backup files to find the typography set you used two months ago that your client wants to revisit. However, that's time-consuming. With a note-taking app, you can create a folder for storing snippets of code you might need later. It will be easy for anyone to reference in case you have to transfer your responsibilities.

3. Taking notes can help you get organized

Organization is the crux of business success. A disorganized business loses money every day from lack of productivity and wasted time.

When you're working with website clients, they expect a high level of organization. You need to deliver results in full and on time according to your clients' requirements. You don't have to be a long-time developer to know how hard that is to achieve even when you're well-organized. Being disorganized is guaranteed to delay your project delivery times.

Taking notes is the first step toward effective organization. First, you brainstorm. Then, you identify goals. Once you know what you're aiming for, then you can come up with milestones and tasks. However, when you're working with a team of people, you need the ability to collaborate while taking notes.

4. Taking notes will help you develop a detail-oriented final project

With website projects, details matter. Your graphic design might be pixel-perfect, but if any client requests are omitted from the design, your client won't be happy. Taking notes allows you to track all the details of a project to ensure the final product is perfect. For example, when you're proofing copy and testing a site, you'll need to take notes on what doesn't work or what needs to be changed.

5. Note-taking helps identify camouflaged client expectations

You know those random thoughts clients casually mention and forget about? They might be under the impression that you're going to implement their random ideas, even if they blurted them out between sips of coffee. If your clients talk to other team members, you can bet they've discussed additional ideas.

Taking notes in a collaborative cloud environment makes it possible for all team members to share their client interactions, comments, and expectations. From there, you can go over each idea with your client to find out if it was a serious suggestion. Not all clients explicitly state their requirements.

Don't miss a beat - take good notes

Taking thorough notes will help your team create websites that align with each client's vision. Details are important. Instead of relying on your memory or yellow sticky notes, start taking notes in a collaborative cloud environment. When you don't let details slip through the cracks, your client satisfaction is guaranteed to improve.



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