The Best Y2Mate Alternative - Y2Mate GURU

YouTube is currently the biggest online video sharing platform worldwide - it has about 2.3 billion active users with 500 hours of video content uploaded on the platform every minute. Whether you are looking for an informational video, educational video, entertainment content or self-learning videos - YouTube has it all. Due to the high utility of content on YouTube, users prefer downloading YouTube videos and storing them for later review instead of loading them every single time they want to watch it. Often, videos on YouTube get blocked or taken down merely hours after they are published due to YouTube community or copyright guidelines, and downloading videos on your end is a good solution to have access to those.

Why does one download videos?

Irrespective of the motive behind it, users download content from YouTube almost religiously. They may do so to save time, save internet usage, or be able to watch videos without internet connectivity. Additionally, the ads that keep popping up when one streams a video on the platform can be pretty annoying which is also why individuals prefer downloading videos. While Y2Mate is a great tool to do so, even better is Y2Mate GURU which is a Y2Mate alternative. It can be used to download videos not only from YouTube but also from platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What is Y2Mate GURU?

Y2Mate GURU is essentially a multifunctional and versatile video downloader that can be used to download videos from multiple platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Users can also convert the downloaded videos from YouTube to MP3, MP4 or other formats. The great thing about Y2Mate GURU is that it allows you to download YouTube videos in high definition and high quality. It is a free service and allows users to download videos very quickly and easily for their chosen video platform. You can use it to download videos on your PC, laptop or smartphone. Users can also download videos on one device and transfer them to another device later on.

How to use Y2Mate GURU?

Using Y2Mate GURU is very easy, and the first thing you have to do in order to download a video is to copy its URL or link. Once you have copied the URL, you paste the URL on Y2Mate GURU's landing page, and then click on "launch download". You may also choose to convert the video in MP4 or MP3 format. Once the download is complete on the website, you can choose to download it on your device in your chosen format and quality. The website works on all devices and platforms and hence you can use a Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android or iOS to download a video from YouTube and all of these platforms and devices are supported.

While downloading YouTube videos may not seem like it, it is in fact very important for some individuals. Downloading YouTube or other videos is a necessity in many places where individuals have limited connectivity for viewing at a later stage. Some individuals simply like having their favorite artist's music or comedian's videos with them at all times. Hence, a tool like above is very important for downloading videos.



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