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Name: Benjamin Mueller

Job Title: Student/Web Page Designer

Location: WI USA

Company name: Fourmuella Inc.

Company Industry: Web Design

Company homepage: http://fourmuellainc.net/

Personal Background: Iím a High School student, I am very passionate about creating web sites, and itís what I want to go to a technical college for. I like to use the Sothink DHTML menu tool mainly for fiddling around with my own creations, some of it I share with friends some I just keep to myself.
Well I was searching around for a good drop down menu program, there are a few of them out there that are somewhat decent, but I like Sothinkís the best because it allows for more open ended creating, it allows me to make exactly what I want without any hassle.

I have tried other products, but none are as thorough as Sothinkís, and none have as many options and possibilities as Sothinkís.

I use it mainly for recreational purposes, I create my webpage then create the menuís that I want using Sothink DHTML Menu, and put it on there. If I like how it looks I show it to some of my friends and family. Much easier than other similar programs, more features, and more of everything, I use it on almost all of the web sites that I make.
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