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Name: David Standen

Job Title: Director

Location: Hastings, East Sussex, UK

Company name: IQ Consulting

Company Industry: Business Consultancy

Company homepage: http://www.iq-consulting.co.uk

Personal Background: I have been working as a web page developer for many years. Previously I was a programmer and database developer. Now I have formed my own business and we visit customers who have technical problems with a view to solving them. We also produce web pages, databases, video streaming and more.
For me, one of the biggest problems with web pages was navigation. You can use applets that rely upon java or active-x controls, but a lot of browsers donít support them or for security reasons, the end users have turned these features off. The applets have always required a lot of work to get them going and it can get really messy if the customer wants to change something later.

I wanted something that would be simple to implement within my business and work on all browsers. An added bonus would be if it looked good, but essentially I wanted simplicity foremost.

I was blown away. Not only was it simple to use, as it integrated directly within Dreamweaver, it also supported a standalone option, which allowed developers not using Dreamweaver to work with the menus too. The menus worked on every browser that we tried them on and they looked fantastic.

I tried the OpenCube applets and a number of java widgets before trying Sothink. Sothink DHTML Menu was really easy to use and I was reassured that when working with it, what I saw on the screen was exactly what would appear on the net. Also the fact that I knew it would work everywhere was a great relief.

Since first installing DHTML Menu we have upgraded each time the product has released a new version and we are extremely happy with it. For us, there is nothing that comes close to the simplicity of use and the tremendous power that the menu creation system gives our designers.

Now, we are using the DHTML Menu maker on a number of customer web sites and they think that it is awesome. Itís good because the product makes us look good. Also when the customer decides to change something, we can respond quickly and efficiently. I wouldnít use anything else now.

I reap the rewards of being able to provide a full service to my web page customers and having their confidence that when they ask for something special in the navigation department, I know that I can deliver something awesome.


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