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PostPosted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:01 am 

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Is it possible to extract multiple thumbnails while encoding a videofile? It would be great if you could extend the command line parameters as:

-tm "c:\thumb1.jpg,320,240,[frame/percent];c:\thumb2.jpg,160,120,50%;c:\thumb3.jpg,640,480,99%"

TM is abbrevated for ThumbnailMultiple, and a quoted-string defines the value of the parameter. The value contains groups separated by ; (semi-colon), each group contains 4 - or 3 - values separated by , (comma):

-tm "filename,width,height[,frame[%]][;...]"

filename - defines the name of the thumbnail file to write
width - defines the width of the written thumbnail
height - the height
frame or percentage - if not specified, the first non-empty frame, if specified either the frame number - or if suffixed by % - the frame in % of the entire video file.

For implementation my suggestion is:

- At startup get value of the -tm parameter.

- Build an array of ThumbGroups { sFilename, iWidth, iHeight, bFirstNonEmptyFrame, iFrameNumber }:
- If frame is unspecified, set bFirstNonEmptyFrame = true
- If frame ends with %, calculate & set iFrameNumber based on Duration.
- Else set iFrameNumber.

- For each frame:
- If at first - non empty - frame, check if a ThumbGroup with bFirstNonEmptyFrame exists, and, if so, write that thumb.
- If ThumbGroup with iFrameNumber exists, write that thumb.

Just a suggestion :) Thanks for a great product!


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