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 Post subject: Dynamic menu from ASP
PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2005 5:48 pm 
I am trying to create a dynamic menu using ASP. I have sucessfully created the menu elements, but I am having dificulty with the MISC entry in the last line of the applet setup. I know that the second parameter is the number of items in the menu and the following entries detail the number of elements within each menu heading. But does anyone know what the other parameters need to be, especially the first one. The code is below:
<applet code="slidmenu.class" align="baseline" width="160" height="350">
<param name="Notice" value="SlidingMenu2.0,CopyRight (c) 2001 SourceTec Software Co. Ltd,Registered">
<param name="ApStyle" value="ffffff,ffffff,,1,0,0,,1,0,0,0,0,012,10,1,0000ca,0,">
<param name="MStyle-0" value="000000,01,0,0,0,0,300,26,0,2">
<param name="IStyle-0" value="8db290,093a1a,112,0,1,14,1,00,0,15,,,8db290,fff59d,112,0,1,14,1,00,0,15,,,8db290,ffffff,013,0,1,14,1,00,0,15,,,">
<%While (Not Zones.EOF) %>
<param name="I0-<%=(Zones.Fields.Item("Order").Value - 1)%>" value="<%=(Zones.Fields.Item("Zone").Value)%>,,plus1.gif,plus1.gif,minus1.gif,,,_self,">
<% Zones.MoveNext()
While (Not Zones.EOF)%>
<param name="MStyle-<%=(Zones.Fields.Item("Order").Value)%>" value="000000,01,0,0,4,0,150,16,0,2">
<param name="IStyle-<%=(Zones.Fields.Item("Order").Value)%>" value="ffffff,093a1a,111,0,1,12,1,00,4,17,,,ffffff,8db290,113,0,1,12,1,00,4,17,,,ffffff,008080,113,0,1,12,1,00,6,19,,,">
<% Sections.MoveFirst()
Sections_numRows = 0
While (Not Sections.EOF)
If Sections.Fields.Item("Zone").Value = Zones.Fields.Item("ZoneID").Value Then %>
<param name="I<%=(Zones.Fields.Item("Order").Value)%>-<%=(Sections.Fields.Item("Order").Value - 1)%>" value="<%=(Sections.Fields.Item("Section").Value)%>,,minus1.gif,minus1.gif,minus1.gif,,,mainFrame,Section.asp?SectionID=<%=(Sections.Fields.Item("SectionID").Value)%>">
<% Sections_numRows = Sections_numRows + 1
End If
Sections_String = Sections_String & Cstr(Sections_numRows) & ","
Wend %>
<param name="Misc" value="7,<%=(Zones_numRows)%>,<%=(Sections_String)%>-0,0-1,1-2,2-3,3-4,4-5,5-7,">

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