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Fundamentals of Web Application Architecture

It has been more than a year since we are obliged to stay in our homes during the COVID-19 Outbreak. From that time on, it is evident that the pandemic continues to shape our lives and it has pushed a sudden economic shift from 'physical' to 'digital' which we call the "New Normal" now.


DIY logo symbols freely
Sothink Logo Maker professional provides standard Subselect tool. Your symbol will be shaped with anchor points after you apply it in only one click. Then you are able to sketch symbol outline freely by dragging each anchor point there. Make your logo symbol precise.
Split logo symbol into pieces
With the specific Tailor tool of Sothink Logo Maker pro, you can easily cut and split logo symbols to parts. It is your smart assistant when designing sewing logo, stitch logo and seam logo.
Compose line art for logo
No matter you draw lines from built-in Line tool or free hand Pencil and Brush, 7 line styles are available for you. Gives you a big quick hand for design dotted logo, dotted icon and vector.
Outline logo symbol in click
Want to scoop a solid logo symbol in second? Our Hollow tool can do it as perfection. You can easily create outline of any shape and make beautiful stencil logo and carved logo.
Quick switch from outline to interior filling
After you have stroked and hollowed a logo symbol, you are able to switch between its outline and interior filling for edit, such define colors and styles. It helps make original symbol a completely new one.

Sothink Logo Maker Pro

Professional Logo Maker creates unique logos for any biz!

Want to design logo? The logo designer software gives a hand!
It offers master color schemes and hand-drawing tools & rich templates and symbols.
Help you enjoy quick user experience for logo design.