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Make Flash Banners in Three Steps Only

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Rich Banner Templates
Preset colorful templates in different four sizes.
Offer 80+ free and remarkable banner templates, which comply with general industry specs.
Classified by themes, sizes and colors, you can find and select the desired one in minutes.
Searchable Resource Input keywords to display resources in library.
Offer hundreds of graphic or image resources. Classified into different categories by usage.
Be searchable. Input the keyword FROG to get all the elements relevant to FROG in seconds.
Drawing & Editing ToolsProvide basic tools for all drawing and editing.
Include drawing tools as Line,Pencil,Pen, Oval Rectangle & editing tools as Reshape and Transform .
Enable you to edit brand new Flash design or the built-in banner templates in a easy way.
Easy-to-drag Effect Bar Drag effect bar on timeline to manage Flash in better way.
60+ animated effects are available for use. One click to display and then show on timeline.
You can define both the start and the end point or effect duration by dragging and dropping.
Four Media Output
Publish to SWF, AVI & GIF, and HTML5 animation.
Export your banner into SWF, AVI & GIF as three different media types, HTML5 animation is available.
No worry about compatibility. Create a simple HTML5 banner for up-to-date web project.
Quick Code Wizard Classify ActionScript usage into Events & Code Wizard.
Simply ActionScrpt commands. Define Events as release, press or rollover in a separate panel.
Preset Stop and OpenURL in Code Wizard. You can also input codes manually in blank Action panel.
Your Flash Banner Generator
Simple solution helps you to make Facebook banner, Gif banner, animated banner, ad banner, youtube banner, business banner and more.

Flash SWF Decompiler


  • Easily restore SWF to Flash FLA.
  • Convert Flash animation to HTML5.
  • Extract all SWF elements for reuse.
  • Edit shape/text, replace images.
  • Multi-language are available.
  • Capture and download online Flash.