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SWF Maker & Editor for Flash Animators

Classical Environment
Friendly workflow meets all for Flash creation.
Provide necessary implements to make Flash animation, from Timeline panel to vector drawing tools and etc.
Give you a conversant and user- friendly workflow with our animation creator. No hard to handle.
Create Flash from Start Create Flash on blank canvas, paint it as you wish.
Draw shapes and lines or input texts on canvas as the first step of new Flash animation.
Express your idea by painting on canvas to get WYSIWYG output. Make your first Flash with our qualified Flash creator.
Edit Existing Flash SWFParse SWF for re-edit. FLA is not a must.
Want to learn from SWF or edit it? Now import it into the Flash editor and then get a quick preview.
All the resources will be listed in Library panel. Help you get more inspiration from existing SWF design.
Multiple Media Output Publish to SWF, EXE, AVI & GIF, and HTML5 file.
Your animation is not only a SWF, but also an AVI and GIF. One design, three media output, from Flash to video & image.
Design a simple HTML5 animation and then export it into HTML codes and single JavaScript file.
Simplify AS Implement
Preset common-used codes in ActionScript Wizard.
Collect frequently used ActionScript commands into specific wizard.It supports both ActionScript2.0/3.0.
Spare effort from hand-coding them one by one, but still leave a large space for inputting manual codes.
Friendly Interface Easy-to-use interface. Learn to handle within days.
Supply all working panels, from Toolbar to Properties. Even a Flash newbie will get used to it after several days.
You can determine which panels are displayed by default. DIY interface as you like.
Full Range of Flash Versions
Support importing and editing SWF file of Flash V6, V7, V8, V9 (CS3), V10 (CS4) and Flash CS5. Flash CS5.5 will come soon!

Flash SWF Decompiler


  • Easily restore SWF to Flash FLA.
  • Convert Flash animation to HTML5.
  • Extract all SWF elements for reuse.
  • Edit shape/text, replace images.
  • Multi-language are available.
  • Capture and download online Flash.

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