New Features --- Sothink Logo Maker Professional

Sothink Logo Maker Professional is a brand-new product based on Sothink Logo Maker. The new logo design software retains the main features of the old logo creater. Meanwhile, it also adds many distinguished new features which makes this software more practical and creative.

New Features:

a) Drawing Tools

b) New-Added Stroke Style

c) Tailor Shape

d) Convert Text to Shape

e) Modify Multi-objects at One Time

f) Group/Ungroup Object

g) Make Own Color Scheme

h) Import SVG file

i) Lock/unlock object


  • Drawing Tools

  • Provide powerful drawing tools including pencil, brush, pen, line, round, rectangle, rounded rectangle, polygon, star, etc. Let you create your own amazing logo shape or edit the existing resource to get a new one.

    The original image
    Reshaped image


  • New-Added Stroke Style

  • Enable to add stroke for object and offer 7 styles of stroke. Move the Hollow and Outline effect to Stroke Style Option. So many combinations can be made.

    Here we set different stroke style for the following objects and make hollow/gradient effect to some of them.

    Hatched line

    Ragged Line

    Hollow & Dashed Line

    Hollow & Solid Line

    Stipple Line

    Dotted Line with Gradient


  • Tailor Shape

  • With Tailor function, you can get a part of image to create a logo.

    The original object
    After repeatly tailoring, changing color and position

  • Convert Text to Shape

  • After converting text to shape, you can edit the text like editing a shape.

    The original object
    After converting text to shape and changing the shape

  • Modify Multi-objects at One Time

  • Select multiple objects and you can replace them with another shape at one time.

    The original object
    Duplicate once, resize the copy and change its color, then snap the objects to center
    Repeat the above process
    Select all the objects and replace shape in batch

  • Group/Ungroup Object

  • Enable to group multiple objects and apply effects as well as normal operation to the group.

    The original objects
    After adding effect to objects in batch
    After grouping the objects, and apply the same effect to group object


    Note: Without grouping, each object regards its own level as benchmark. But after grouping, you can apply effect to the group which regards the unit level as benchmark, the more rational way.

  • Make Own Color Scheme

  • Use the professional method to set color, which including color wheel, Saturation/Brightness and Opacity. Enable to apply the color modification to color scheme or to the selected object directly.

    The original color
    Choose one color for each object from the six color schemes. You will get the following six color matching.

    It also offers premade color scheme that gives you professional color reference. You will see below the whole pre-made scheme based on Mono.

  • Import SVG file
  • Lock/unlock object

Note: Any modification cannot be applied to locked objects. With this function, you do not need to be worry about the property of created object be changed by mistake.


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