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Personal Background: I am a hobbyist that enjoys working with video and digital editing on my free time.
About a year ago I was asked to prepare a couple of video clips for my church offering. We did a clip once a month. Then in January, a decision was made to expand this to every Sunday. As a result, I needed to find material that could be used for the short 2-4 minute presentations. There are a lot of clips available on the internet but my video editing software couldn’t hand SWF files. I searched for several hours testing a variety of different products, different techniques, etc. At first I was finding software that created stills of each frame from a SWF file which in some cases was cumbersome and time consuming. I needed something that could go from SWF to video quickly and easily.

I was also looking for something that could extract SWF video from web pages. I spend a lot of time working with screen capture software and Microsoft Frontpage trying to get the video that embedded on some pages. I wanted something that could get what I needed, when I needed it.

I searched the internet looking for something that would convert SWF files to something I could use either in a Power point presentation or video presentation. Specifically how I found it, I can’t remember. I just know that my first hits were to separate the frames into stills that I would then have to recreate into a video or power point….. very time consuming. I had also looked into screen capture which worked great but I wanted something with a little flexibility. I think that when I found your converter software is when I found the extractor. I was so excited.

Your product provides flexibility: Choices of audio sources and capture area adjustments. The latest version of the software provides one click capture and start video which I really like. Your software is easy to use.

They have saved me a considerable amount of time. Someday I would like to try your other products. I have an IPOD that I currently use video editing software to create my videos for the IPOD. But, when I need to create a video for the church each week, your software has saved me considerable time especially since I work a full-time job in addition to this hobby.
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