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Name: David Hales

Job Title: Manager

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Company name: Optical Design

Company Industry: Web Design/ISP

Company homepage: http://www.odlweb.com/

Personal Background: Technical background for communications industry. (Telstra) and media (Television). Have been involved with computers since 1985. Commenced on-line services in 1993 by running a stand-alone BBS (Bulletin Board System). Changed over to Internet in mid 1990s.
Quick and efficient programs to make web design more cost effective. Hand coding tends to waste time when dealing with tight budgets. For example, one of our clients has regular updates to television commercials. We have to quickly convert them and make them available for play-out on the Internet. Sothink Flash Video Encode allows this with ease!

I've tried others as well. I chose Sothink for options available, speed and efficiency plus very quick customer service and flexibility.

Flash Video Encoder is currently being used to prepare promotional videos for web clients including encoding current television commercials for display on web pages.

Just makes life easy! Video/FLV and Flash are now simple to compile and display.


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