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Name: Nils Klippstein

Job Title: Owner

Location: Muenster, Germany

Company name: 22colors.de

Company Industry: video production

Company homepage: http://www.22colors.de

Personal Background: I started making videos as a hobby and after some years I ended with my former internet company to make videos for a living. I am mainly producing short and funny advertising clips and presentations for the internet.
I was looking for a simple to use software for transforming my videos into flash format. The design of the different flash players was important for me, I didn’t find any other software with a beautiful player design as this one. I’m now starting to learn SWF Quicker for making interactive videos, because I think this will be very important in the future.

Before video encoder, I tried about 5 similar products. Some were quite complicated to use and most of them didn’t have beautiful flash players or didn’t allow me to show important details like the length of the movie! Before SWF Quicker, I only found one other software that was comparable. But it was very buggy and also very complicated to use.

I am using the video encoder almost every day to transform videos for my clients into flash format. I am still learning Quicker and want to offer the new possibilities to my clients in the very near future.

The video encoder is just so simple to use, I can transform my videos almost blindfolded. And the design of the flash player is always very attractive for my customers.


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