Tree Logos - Know the Meaning of Different Trees and Make Your Design More Effective

By Steve Smith | November 14th, 2011 | Logo Design, Inspiration

Tree Logo is a logo including tree element. Many companies of various industries would like to adopt tree element when designing their logos. Because tree is a universally recognizable symbol which represents many things, such as life, prosperity, strength, etc. Tree logo symbolizes the stable growth of a company, just like a tree. The collected 20+ well-designed tree logos are provided in Sothink Logo Maker Pro.

Different trees have different meanings, just like flowers. You can apply the suitable tree element in your logo according to your specific industry demand, which can convey more effective meaning to your customers.

Tree Image Tree Name Tree Symbolic Meaning
TreeLogoSymbolBirch Birch Beginning, Renewal, Youth
TreeLogoSymbolRowan Rowan Protection, Expression, Connection
TreeLogoSymbolAlder Alder Endurance, Strength, Passion
TreeLogoSymbolWillow Willow Imagination, Intuition, Vision
TreeLogoSymbolAsh.jpg Ash Connection, Wisdom, Surrender
TreeLogoSymbolHawthorn.jpg Hawthorn Contradiction, Consequence, Relationships
TreeLogoSymbolOak.jpg Oak Strength, Stability, Nobility
TreeLogoSymbolHolly.jpg Holly Action, Assertion, Objectivity
TreeLogoSymbolHazel.jpg Hazel Creativity, Purity, Honesty
TreeLogoSymbolApple.jpg Apple Beauty, Love, Generosity
TreeLogoSymbolVine.jpg Vine Introspection, Relaxation, Depth
TreeLogoSymbolIvy.jpg Ivy Determination, Change, Patience
TreeLogoSymbolReed.jpg Reed Harmony, Health, Growth
TreeLogoSymbolBlackthorn.jpg Blackthorn Discipline, Control, Perspective
TreeLogoSymbolElder.jpg Elder Transition, Evolution, Continuation
TreeLogoSymbolSilverFir.jpg SilverFir Clarity, Achievement, Energy
TreeLogoSymbolGorse.jpg Gorse Transmutation, Resourcefulness, Exposure
TreeLogoSymbolHeather.jpg Heather Dreams, Romance, Feelings
TreeLogoSymbolPoplar.jpg Poplar/Aspen Victory, Transformation, Vision
TreeLogoSymbolYew.jpg Yew Transference, Passage, Illusion

Here we have collected 20+ well-designed tree logos which are selected from various industries for your inspiration.

tree-logo-1 tree-logo-2
tree-logo-3 tree-logo-4
tree-logo-5 tree-logo-6
tree-logo-7 tree-logo-8
tree-logo-9 tree-logo-10
tree-logo-11 tree-logo-12
tree-logo-13 tree-logo-14
tree-logo-15 tree-logo-16
tree-logo-17 tree-logo-18
tree-logo-19 tree-logo-20

Hope you have broaden your creative minds from the inspirational tree logos above. Then you can start from some tree logo creator like Sothink Logo Maker to put your designing idea into effect. Just enjoy!

Steve Smith
Steve Smith, who lives and works in Glasgow, has been engaged in logo designing for over 10 years. Steve's talent has brought him numerous designing awards. He also enjoys writing, and has contributed quite a bit of writing for Logo Designer Blog.