Perfect Compatibility

Functional Menu

  • Tab Menu displays navigation menu items as tabs.
    Tab Menu
  • Keyboard navigation function controls DHTML Menu by keyboard, such as Press Alt + F2 to launch.
  • Multi-Column menus or Multi-Row menus available.
    Multi-column Menu
  • Display drop down menus over Flash, selected boxes, iframes and even PDF files.

    Visible over Flash
  • Cross-frame menus works for frame-based web site, like common frameset, nested frames or iframes.
  • Highlight menu auto-highlight DHTML navigation menu when the current page is in use.
  • Scroll menu vertically or horizontally.
    Auto scrolls
  • 100% Width Span menus spans menu width of the web page; auto-adjust each top menu item.

    Stretch whole menu width
  • Floating menu follows the browsers scrollbars.
  • Context menu (Custom menu) triggers DHTML menus from various elements, such as image, text, or a Flash movie.
  • Right-to-Left menu (Arabic menu) and other Non-English menu are supported.
  • Enable to hide certain menu separators or items on demand.

    Disable certain items and separators
  • Position menus anywhere fixedly or relatively on webpage.
  • Combine menu item vertical or horizontal.

    vertical or horizontal sub menu items
  • More menus are on one page; one menu is inserted to more pages.

Customizable Property

  • Fully customize properties, like font, icon, background, border, cursor, tool tip, surround, effects, alignment, transparency, size, etc.
  • Freely select and edit images as icon, arrow, background and separator from Image Library and Background Library.
  • Easily adjust the color, tint & brightness to edit the image or choose corners and edges separately for surround.
  • Edit and save images as custom resources in image library and background library.

    Edit image and save as custom resources
  • Copy&Paste duplicates menu items and their properties in different program windows.
  • Switch drop-down menu to tree-like menu; and vice versa.

    switching to drop-down menu from tree-like menu
  • Any HTML code can be used within menu item.

    HTML code can be used

Intuitive Interface

  • User-friendly interface, including skin, layout and editing mode.
  • Full Edit Mode makes editing menu WYSIWYG.

    Visible over Flash
  • Tips of the Day gives some tips & tricks.
  • Provide over 100 built-in templates.
  • Sort image library and style panel based on use frequency.
  • Generate friendly code by Search Engine Friendly Code.
  • Auto-generate menu based on website structure by Free Google XML Sitemap and Common Sitemap.

    Free Google XML Sitemap
  • Auto-generate drop down menu from website pages by Site Navigation Generator.

    Site Navigation Generator
  • Resource Folder manages resources files to easily preview the menu on Local or Internet.
  • Enables to save background color of preview window in authoring files, which make it convenient for editing next time.
  • Publishing guides uploading the menu step by step.

    Easy  Publishing

More Support

  • Encode menu in the proper language.
  • Support W3C Valid XHTML 1.0. Valid XHTML 1.0
  • Support any DOCTYPEs, and supports UTF-8.
  • About Sothink DHTML Menu

    It is an easy and productive drop down menu builder to create SE friendly drop down menu, JavaScript menu for web navigation without writing a single line of code. Rich templates and preset styles let you create professional DHTML menus in no time. Free integration enables you to add menus to webpage using existing HTML editor. The menu appearance can be fully customized.
  • Download  DHTML Menu Order DHTML Menu

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Create eye-catching DHTML drop down menus and tree-view menus for web navigation without JavaScript programming.

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"This specialized program eases the process considerably with a no-nonsense interface that puts the necessary design and scripting elements at your fingertips."


"I can now create DHTML menus looking exactly how I want them, without having to wrestle with indecipherable javascript code."


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