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JavaScript Menu Sample --- Crystal

Crystal JavaScript menu sample delivers the sense of modern, fashion and elegance. You will see blue or purple crystal of JavaScript menu sample when mouse is over or mouse is out. Round rectangle design gives you more imaginations - button, this is pretty JavaScript menu.

This JavaScript menu is made by DHTML Menu Builder

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How to create this JavaScript menu sample?

Software Required: Sothink DHTML Menu --- Easily make JavaScript menu for web navigation.

Step 1: Launch the DHTML menu maker, template windows opens; and choose "Crystal" JavaScript menu sample under the category "Business".

Cystal JavaScript menu sample

Step 2: Add or remove menu items for top menu or sub-menu. The added menu items will auto-inherit the properties of the menu item.

Add menu item for drop down menu

Step 3: Replace the text and set the link for each menu item.

edit text and link for drop down menu

Step 4: Publish the menu to your website.

publish drop down menu

To create more gorgeous JavaScript menus, check this JavaScript menu generator.

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