Relative Floating Menu


Normally, when you use a floating menu, its position is fixed relatively to the screen. Here is an example of floating menu, whose position is fixed relatively to a table and does not change when the window is resized, (but the menu still scrolls along with the scrolling page).


  1. Create a floating menu by checking Float in Menu Type of Global.
  2. In the DHTML Menu program, select the first menu item under the Top-Level Menu in the Menu Tree, click "Condition" in "Menu Item". In the suffix, input the following:
    function stgtxy()
    var x=0,y=0;
    for(var o=_STNS.fdmGetEleById("stTABLE");o;o=o.offsetParent)
    return [x,y];

  3. Add the menu to a page where there is a table.
  4. Set the ID of the table cell (TD) that the floating menu alighns to stTABLE, like <td width="210" id="stTABLE">