Welcome to Sothink SWF Editor!

Sothink SWF Editor is an useful tool designed for programmers to easily edit SWF/GLS files. When you open a SWF/GLS file with Sothink SWF Editor, it will read and analyze structure of the imported file, and list all the tags in a tree view. To edit a SWF/GLS file, you just need to double-click the target tag value and directly change it. You can also view the binary data and preview the selected SWF tag node.

Important Note: To avoid unexpected error, you can't edit those tag values that will impact the SWF/GLS file structure.


Main Features:

  • Support opening multiple files simultaneously;
  • Open and edit SWF/GLS files by changing tag values;
  • Show/Hide the SWF/GLS file header;
  • Sort the SWF tags by default order or by category;
  • Preview individual tag node of the SWF file;
  • Search content by Type/Value;
  • Save the edited SWF/GLS files;
  • Multi-language interfaces are available.