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Main Features of Sothink SWF Editor

  • Open and edit SWF/GLS files by changing tag values;
  • Show/Hide the SWF/GLS file header;
  • Sort the SWF tags by default order or by category;
  • Preview individual tag node of the SWF file;
  • Search content by Type/Value;
  • Save the edited SWF/GLS files;
  • Multi-language interfaces are available, including English, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Italian, Korean, Russian and Portuguese.


Who Need Sothink SWF Editor?

Sothink SWF Editor is designed mainly for following users to fast edit SWF/GLS files. With Sothink SWF Editor, you can get rid of the complicated Adobe Flash tool to execute changes. Instead, you only need to open the SWF/GLS in SWF Editor, and then fast locate the target tag value and change it as needed. That's All!

  • Programmers
    Flash related developers who need to debug project by digging into
    the tag values or binary data of SWF/GLS files occasionally.
  • Flash designers
    Experienced Flash designers who want to edit SWF/GLS elements more
    efficiently by directly changing the tag values in SWF/GLS files.

  • Flash novices and Flash fans
    Flash lovers who just feel interested to learn the Flash technology
    and take a deep look at every SWF/GLS file.


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Product Info

File Size: 6.74 MB
Latest version: 1.3
Build number: 603
Uninstall: Supported
System Requirement:
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

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