Sothink SWF Easy Resources

Download Sothink SWF Easy Resource zip file to add more resources to your SWF Easy.

The built-in resources in SWF Easy are classified by purposes like Business, Education, Entertainment, Misc and Web. And under these categories are folders: Image, Shape, Button, Sound, Greeting Card and Dynamic Background.

Besides finding resources following those purposes and categories, users also can directly input keywords about some resources and search them. Users may also use the resources in local computers or download much more resources from Sothink web site.

Sothink SWF Easy Flash Resources are totally free for all the users. Just download the Resource zip file (7.81MB) and install it. And the resources will automatically be added into the program following the classification.

Before you install the Resource file, please make sure you have already installed SWF Easy 5.1 or later versions. Follow the install wizard and you will get a large amount of resources added in your Sothink SWF Easy.

Download SWF Easy Resources

SWF Easy Resource
SWF Easy Resource
SWF Easy Resource
SWF Easy Resource
SWF Easy Resource
SWF Easy Resource


Download SWF Easy Resources

Note: If you would like to use resources of your own conveniently instead of importing them to SWF Easy again and again, you may find SWF Easy folder in your computer and add your files to sub folder Resource directly. Make sure you put the resources into correct categories under Resource.

  • About Sothink SWF Easy

    SWF Easy is a Flash banner maker that is suitable for both beginners & experts. For beginners, it provides multi-style templates, hundreds of resources, 60+ animation effects with which you can finish a Flash banner within clicks. For experts, it provides full customization features that totally exceed the common online banner generators. SWF Easy also supports extracting resources from SWF files and greatly simplifies your design work.
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Product Info

File Size: 45.8M
Latest version: 6.6
Build number: 546
Release date: Mar. 2, 2012
Uninstall: Supported
System Requirements :
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

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