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With this software, you can make virtually any Flash animations, buttons, navigations and so on. You’ll work in terms of "templates" (of buttons, albums, greeting cards) and effects (rather complex animations you can combine and adjust in several ways). Of course, you can still use any image (jpg, gif, so on) and sound (mp3, wav) file; as well as IMPORT any object you like from other Flash files (swfs).

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Easy to use tool focusing on the creation of ad banners, text animation, Flash albums and greeting cards. Has more than 1000 well-designed resources (images, sounds,buttons and movie clips), 60 animation effects, 30 templates and flexible ActionScript.


Sothink Glanda creates the same SWF file like Macromedia Flash, but it doesn't need any Flash design experience or art design skill. WYSIWYG design panel and integrated preview makes the creation become more intuitionistic.
It supplies hundreds of well-designed templates including animated buttons, text effects, motion backgrounds and greeting cards so you don't have to start from scratch. There are also a large amount of vector shapes, images, sound files supplied for your convenience.


This is a Flash creation tool for primary and intermediate users. It enables you to create professional Flash movies, such as album, animation banner, navigation buttons/menu. To make animations in Glanda, you can start from one of the built-in templates or from scratch. You can draw or import shapes, import images, create text and then reposition, reshape, and recolor the objects to achieve the look you want. You can also add professional effects to the object with a few mouse clicks.


The installation of Sothink SWF Easy is easy and intuitive, you can place the program files where you want them. There is a small thing that Sothink products do that I appreciate, they don't assume that you want Desktop and Quick Launch icons they ask. Plus Sothink products allow you the ability to put their products under the Start Menu Programs that you prefer.

When you first start Sothink SWF Easy you are informed it is a 30 day evaluation product. More than fair.

When you first start Sothink SWF Easy you are given a Wizard type Window with these choices, Blank Document, Album, Banner, and Navigation Buttons. You are given the option of disabling this window at startup.

First off the Album, in the first window you are given two choices of albums flip, or normal, I tried out flip. First I selected my photos, next my page size, my covers (front and back) and background. Then Create. I was then told: After this wizard finishes, please use "File->Publish" menu to publish the album. Does that sound easy enough to you to create a professional looking Flash Album? Golly I sure hope it does because I'm sure impressed.

Next the Banner Wizard. First select from a number of templates. Then in the next window you are given the option of customizing the banner elements or generate the banner now and edit the elements yourself later. I picked the first option. The next window lets you select the Background and Size Settings. After that a series of windows to edit the text. Then the url to link to and the Target settings. That was it after in pushed the Create, I got this in about 10 seconds: After this wizard finishes, please use "File->Publish" menu to publish the banner. When I did that I was given three choices: Export Flash movie (*.swf), Insert Flash movie (*.swf) to HTML file, View or copy HTML code. So in the making of the banner, cool templates, easy to customize, great export options.

Then I tried out the navigation buttons option. You are first given the choice a whole bunch of really neat buttons to base yours on. I created three buttons with of course different text and leading to three different urls in about 30 seconds. When I was done I was told that my next step was to do File/Publish. When I did that I was given three choices: Export Flash movie (*.swf), Insert Flash movie (*.swf) to HTML file, View or copy HTML code. Just like in the other two great button templates easy to use professional results.

In conclusion Sothink SWF Easy really lives up to it's name, it is really easy to use. Plus it gives you professional results, The price is right. I heartily recommend it.

--- by Joe Tex


Sothink SWF Easy 6 is a great little application that allows people like me who know nothing about flash to create professional-looking animated banners and ads with no effort at all. Advanced users will find that all the features they need are included to be able to create complex, custom animations with interactivity. I'm very excited about this program it really is quite simple to get the hang of and even a complete beginner could produce a professional ad in no time at all, working from one of the templates included. I expect to spend more time in future working out the details of the more advanced features the potential is obvious. I can't wait to be able to sit down with my Wacom tablet and use the built-in drawing tools including a pen tool and a choice of shapes to create something of my very own.

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    SWF Easy is a Flash banner maker that is suitable for both beginners & experts. For beginners, it provides multi-style templates, hundreds of resources, 60+ animation effects with which you can finish a Flash banner within clicks. For experts, it provides full customization features that totally exceed the common online banner generators. SWF Easy also supports extracting resources from SWF files and greatly simplifies your design work.
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Product Info

File Size: 45.8M
Latest version: 6.6
Build number: 546
Release date: Mar. 2, 2012
Uninstall: Supported
System Requirements :
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

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