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With Dreamweaver


tree menu - dreamweaverSothink Tree Menu can be used with Dreamweaver as an extension. After the extension is installed, Sothink Tree Menu will be added to Dreamweaver's menubar as illustrated in the picture.

With a few clicks, you can accurately add a tree menu to your desired position in the design mode. You can also edit the tree menu later easily without starting from scratch.

Library and Template are fully supported, so you can edit a tree menu and let the application update all the relevant pages automatically.

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With Expression Web


tree menu - expression webWith the advent of Microsoft Expression Web, Sothink Tree Menu develops an add-on for users to create menu freely in Expression Web, which is similar to FrontPage.

Build menu without leaving Expression Web. You can easily insert, move, modify or delete the tree menu from web page.

Support Dynamic Web Template, inserting one menu into multiple web pages.

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With FrontPage


tree menu - frontpageSothink Tree Menu can also be used within FrontPage as an Add-oin. Once you install the program, Sothink Widget Toolbar will appear in FrontPage as shown in the picture.

In the design mode, FrontPage users can accurately insert a tree menu to the desired position and edit it easily at any moment without leaving the design mode.

Shared Borders, Include Page and Dynamic Web Template are fully supported, so you can edit a tree menu and let FrontPage update all the relevant pages for you automatically.

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With Golive


Sothink Tree Menu can work with Golive as add-ins.

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Tutorial for Integration with web editor


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  • About Sothink Tree Menu

    Sothink Tree Menu enables to create clear navigation bar for huge website. The SE friendly JavaScript tree menu; cross-browser menu tree; fast-loading DHTML web menu; you can get all-in-one tree menu in clicks. 50+ free menu template & image library resources in program. Seamlessly integrate with DW, FP and EW.
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Release Date: July 18, 2012
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Windows 7
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Windows Server 2003/2008
IE 5+

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