A Simple Ticker

We also call it scrolling text effect. The text appears gradually and pauses when you place course on it. 


Series: Sothink SWF Quicker 2.2
Prepared work: download Sothink SWF Quicker -- http://www.sothink.com/product/swfquicker/download.htm

Step one: Make a mask effect
Press Ctrl+F8 to create a new movie clip symbol. Now you enter into movie clip editing mode as follows:


Step two: Create a transparent rectangle
This rectangle represents the area that reacts to your mouse cursor. It should be invisible.


Step three: Add actionscript to make the interactivity
All elements of this interactivity are prepared already. Let's arrange them on the stage and add actionscript to it.

Download the source file: ticker.zip (2.08 KB)
Hopefully it is usefull to you!

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