Angel Comes to You

This tutorial touches on the absolute basics of using SWF Quicker, including create motion tween, create movie clip and arrange them on the canvas.


Series: SWF Quicker 2.0
Hello, nice to meet you! I am in good mood. Why? Yesterday,  when I stand on my likeable balcony, a bright trail and streak appears in the sky. Guess what? Yes, meteor.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
In SWF Quicker, You don’t need much drawing skills, just focus on conveying your message. Surely you can get your own animation.
Let’s start!

Step one: Prepared work: Click angel.rar (17.22 KB) to download angel.gls and 1600_177.jpg. Then Select file>Import to library. The two files can now be listed in library.

Step two: Create a bright trail to tone up mystery.
1. Press Ctrl+F8 to create a movie clip symbol, name it trail. Hit Ok to enter following movie clip editing mode and draw a bright trail.

2. In frame1, make the bright trail shorter. Hit F6 to insert a keyframe in frame25, make it longer. Right-click frame1 to choose create motion tween.

Step three: Design background.
We are going to arrange the meteors in the sky.
1. Click Scene1 in timeline. Drag 1600_177.jpg from library. Set its size in transform panel: width: 400; height: 300. Move it to cover the canvas.
2. Drag movie clip to the canvas six times, and then you get six bright trail, arrange them like the sample.

Step four: See the angle disappear in the sky.
1. Drag the angel.gls from library, place it outside the canvas. Hit F6 to insert a keyframe in frame25, select angle.swf and place it on the centre of the canvas.
2. Hit F6 to insert a keyframe in frame50. Select transform tool and change the angel to a small point.
3. Right-click frame25 and choose create motion tween.
4. Click preview button to see your presentation.

Glad that I could help. Any time, good luck.


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