Maximize your imagination - customize everything for your Flash menu

The same menu contents and identical menu structure in Flash menu, but website designers create so many attractive Flash drop down menus of different styles for various websites. It owes to diverse menu styles to do a magic trick on Flash menus, which makes web menus amazing and stunning. Using CSS can control menu styles if you are proficient in HTML code; if not, Flash menu builder will be the better way to customize everything for your Flash menu.

In Sothink Flash Menu, the program provides preset menu styles which can be applied to menu item in one click; to get extremely the same Flash menu with your imagination, you can customize menu styles in this program, which creates thousands combinations of menu display, special effect, background, distance, space, color, font, image, cursor, separator and icon. Let’s take a close look to see how Flash menu builder changes your menu style:

1. Reset menu display to get a brand-new menu. Modify horizontal menu to vertical menu.

(Check “Top-level Menu”, and enter “Popup Menu > General” to choose “Horizontal” option)


2. Set properties for Flash menu and its items to build a totally different web menu, these properties include background, color, special effect, font, etc.

(Select the menu item and popup menu, enter “Menu Item” and “Popup Menu” panel to set their properties.)


3. Set position of menu item and distance between items to layout Flash menu.

(Select menu item, you can enter “Menu Item > Position” to set item position; Select popup menu, you can enter “Popup Menu > Position” to set position for popup menu.)


4. Add graphics to customize the cursor, icon and separator images.

(Select the menu item and popup menu; enter “Menu Item” panel to set icon, “Global > Cursor” panel to set cursor image; insert separator and select it, enter “Separator” panel to set its properties)


5. Embed the font to create Flash menu, which make sure all the visitors enjoy the exactly the same Flash menu, even though the used font in Flash menu is not installed on the computer.


6. Set font and menu contents in one menu item, Flash menu builder will auto-adjust width and height for each menu item, and make the whole Flash menu perfect.


7. Flash menu can play sound when mouse interacts with item. View Flash menu sample of playing sound.

8. One Flash menu can be inserted to multi-page and one page can include multi-menu.

9. Set menu width in percentage to layout the website design.

10. Show sub menu by mouse event.


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