Design a Window Blind

In this course, I focus on showing the basics of SWF Quicker, including using Paint Bucket tool, getting instances of a symbol, as well as modifying the Z-order of the objects.

Series: SWF Quicker 2.0
Estimated Time of Completion: 20 minutes
Suggestions: It’s better to analyze the picture first before you get down to the course. The process of analyzing will help you to understand the following steps, and at the same time, make your next presentation in a creative way. The window blind is consisted of several rectangles, and each with linear gradient… Have you got it? Ok, go for it.

Step one: Launch Sothink SWF Quicker.
By default, the program will create a new file when startup. The property of the canvas is Width: 400; Height: 300; Color: white.

Step Two: Create one piece of the window blind
1. Use rectangle tool to draw a rectangle on the canvas, make its width the same as canvas. Select Paint Bucket tool in Tools panel, set its fill color as following:

Tips: To make your shape no rim, just set the size of its outline as zero.

2. Change the gradient direction of the rectangle.


Step three: Make a control bar
Draw a rectangle without rim, color: Black. Make it the same size as canvas and cover it completely. Draw two thin bars on it as following.


Step four: Get multiple pieces of window blind
1. Set the black rectangle on the left of canvas, and select the piece of window blind to active it. Select Modify>Z-order>Bring to front.
2. Right-click the piece and choose copy in the context dialog box, then right-click again to choose paste, use this method to get multiple piece.

Tips: In spite of copying, you can also get instances by dragging the symbol from library. The two methods can get the same effect.

Step five: Arrange the pieces
Before you arrange them, you first have to select them, use transform tool to drag an area from right to left, including all the pieces. Click modify>Align>Align centre. Then make vertical spacing equal manually and drag two bars back to original place.

There you have it! Any time, good luck.

By the way, if you want to learn how to design a controllable window blind, please enter into tutorial>Interactivy.


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