How to create a float Flash menu for your website?

Float Flash Menu is a web menu used for site navigation, which locates in a fixed position on the webpage. This Float Flash menu enables to scroll along scroll bar, and always keep visible no matter how long your page is and how viewers change the window size. Generally, Flash menu is done by HTML, CSS and jQuery; but it is a difficulty to create such a float Flash menu for web design newbies or if you face urgent design task while time is limited. Maybe, using Flash menu builder is an easy way for all of us to build float menu in minutes.

Sothink Flash menu is an ultimate Flash menu builder; it can build Flash menus with simple steps. Besides float menu, Flash Menu enables to create lots of functional menus, like scroll menu, highlight menu, multi-column menu, and disable items and separators and non-English menu. Now, let’s create float Flash menu in the program:

View float menu sample, and it stays visible even if you scroll down a web page. They’re animated, so they move up and down as you scroll the browser window up or down.


Steps: 1. Start Flash menu from Built-in Template.

Launch Sothink Flash Menu, choose “Distinctive10” from Distinctive category in “Startup” window. This is a static menu currently; preview menu to get the same above static menu.


2. Set menu type as Float to create Float menu

a)  Check “Global > Menu Type” in Tasks panel, and enter the property panel on the bottom. Input name for this menu and check “Float” option here.


b)  Check “Global > General” in Tasks panel, and enter the property panel on the bottom. Input value as coordinate to float menu on web page. Now preview menu, you will see the menu placed in a fixed position.


c)  Still in this panel, check two “Auto-scroll” options to make float Flash menu scroll along scroll bar.


Creating float Flash menu is so easy in Flash menu builder


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