How to Make a Guided Motion

When you'd like to have a shape motion along a path, the Guide Line tool will help you to accomplish your desire. SWF Quicker provides several tools for you to draw guide path and makes the work of guided motion quite easy.

Series: SWF Quicker 2.0
Estimated Time of Completion: 15 minutes

1. Launch SWF Quicker 2.0. Draw a star.

2. Hit F6 to insert a keyframe in Frame 40. Create a motion tween between frame 1 and frame 40.

3. Select pencil guide line tool and draw a star motion along a path.

4. Select Frame 1 in layer 1 and drag the star on one of the point of the guide line. Snap the center of the shape to the beginning point.

5. Select frame 40 in timeline and drag the star on the other point of the guide line.

6. OK, the guided motion is done, click preview button to see the effect.

7. Select "Orient to guide line" checkbox, the star will rotate along path. There are some settings for Rotation:
None: Prevents rotation.
Auto: When you create a rotating motion, this option keeps the original rotation.
CW (Clockwise): To make an instance do clockwise rotation.
CCW (Counterclockwise): To let an instance do counterclockwise rotation.
Ease: Adjusts the rate of change between tweened frames.
Times: Specifies the number of times the instance rotates.

TIP: Did you notice the black triangle on the right bottom of Guide Line Tool? Some other tools as follows hided in it, click it for a short while to see it.


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