Interface Introduction 1

I will let you know--what makes up SWF Quicker’s simple yet powerful interface. Toolbox, main operation area, Class window, Properties panel, Action panel and Output panel introduced here can definitely help your later learning.

Series: SWF Quicker 2.0
Estimated Time of Completion: 15 minutes

1. Launch SWF Quicker 2.0. Let’s have a tour of the interface.

2. This is Toolbox. Some of the tools have a drop-down arrow on the right bottom. Click it; you can get several other tools.

3. The following is main operation area which is consisted of Timeline and Stage. The Timeline of Sothink SWF Quicker is the work space where a movie's contents are organized and controlled. Layers and frames constitute the major parts. On the left is the Layer Section; on the right is the Frame Row. We can make animated effect by inserting keyframe. We can also use ActionScript to control a movie.


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4. This window is to help you to create and modify classes. To create a class, you must first create an external ActionScript (AS) file. Classes can only be defined in external script files. After your editing, you can click File->Save as to save it in your program for your next use.

5. The following are Properties panel, Action panel and Output panel.

The Properties panel is to set the properties of the selected element, which could be main movie, shape, movie clip, button, sound, text, video, group or frame.

The Properties panel displays the basic settings for the entire movie and the most common commands when you don't select any object on the canvas.

If you have not created motion, the settings for motion will be inactive except the sound setting.

Select text on the canvas, and specify its properties in the Properties panel.

When you select the instance of shape, movie clip or button, you can enter instance name, and then you can use ActionScript to control the movie such as tellTarget() or writing a target path.

The Action panel is to add ActionScript to a movie, so as to better control the movie, or make it easy to create complicated animated effects that can not be accomplished by only using Motion. You can add ActionScript to every keyframe of a movie, or a movie clip, or a button.

The Output panel displays information that helps users troubleshoot the movie and view the value of an expression in the scripts.

That's the first part of Interface Introduction.

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