Step 1: Set Menu Global Property

This Sothink DHTMLMenu tutorial consists of step-by-step lessons, which is written according to the version of DHTMLMenu 5.2 Build50610 and designed to teach you the fundamentals of DHTMLMenu. We recommend that you go through this tutorial to learn basic usage.

In this tutorial, we learn to set menu global property.

1. Launch Sothink DHTMLMenu.

2. Click <Top-level Menu>, look at "Popup Menu Settings" on the Tasks panel and choose General . In the property panel, set display as vertically, spacing 0, padding 5. Choose Border and set its width as 0.

3. Then click the Menu Type of "Global Settings" and set menu type as "Static" and Align as Left.

4. Input text content
Click "Menu Item 1" and look at "Menu Item Settings" and click General . Pick "Text" and input content: Products

5. Set the font property of item " Products " :
Click Font in "Menu Item Settings". In Mouse out , set font as Arial, size 10 pt, color white, bold.
Click "Apply to Mouse over" button.

6. Set background property of item " Products "
Click Background and Set BG color as #336699 (R:51 G:102 B:153).
Click "Apply to Mouse over" button.

7. Set border
Click Border and set border width as 0.

In step2, we will learn to add new menu items and set their properties.

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