Step 1: Set Menu Global Property

This Sothink DHTML Menu tutorial, which consists of 5 step-by-step lessons, is designed to teach you the fundamentals of DHTML Menu 8.0+.

The tutorial is targeted toward beginner of DHTML Menu and each step focuses on a specific design feature or topic, so we suggest that you complete the tutorial in sequence. Of course, you can also choose to review only the sections you are interested in.

Now let's start form step1. Launch Sothink DHTML Menu.

1.Click the option "Vertical menu" in the dialog "Startup", and then click "OK" to create a blank menu; or you can click "File > New > Vertical menu" to create it too.

2.Set Resource Folder for the menu

3.Set the properties for the whole menu.

4.Input text content and set the property.

In step2, you will learn how to add new menu items and set their properties.

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