Step 2: Add New Menu Items and Set Their Properties

1. Add menu item
Click <Top-level Menu> and press "Insert Item" button to add a new menu item. Double click this new menu item and switch to General of "Menu Item Settings". Pick "Text" and input content: DHTMLMenu 4 .

2. Set font property of item " DHTMLMenu"
Choose "DHTMLMenu" menu item and click Font in "Menu Item Settings". Set font as Arial, size 9pt, color white, NOT bold in Mouse out . Click button "Apply to Mouse over".

3. Set background of item " DHTMLMenu4 "
Click Background. Set Bg color in Mouse out as #6699CC (R:102 G:153 B:204). In Mouse over , set Bg color as #7AAADB (R:122 G:170 B:219).

4. Add other menu items
Click <Top-level Menu> and press " Insert Item " button 6 times to add 6 new menu items. Input text " Glanda 2005 ", " SWF Decompiler 2005 ", " Forums ", " DHTMLMenu ", " Glanda ", " SWF Decompiler " in sequence, using the same method mentioned above.
Because the new added items inherit the styles of the latest existing item, " Glanda 2005 " and " SWF Decompiler 2005 " will have the same properties as " DHTMLMenu 4 ". You do not need to set their properties.

5. Modify item -- " Forums " font property :
Click "Forums" menu item. In Font of "Menu Item Settings", change font size as 10pt and style bold in mouse out . Click "Apply to Mouse over" button.

6. Set item -- " Forums " background property :
Click Background and in Mouse out , set Bg color as #578E19 (R:87 G:142 B:25). Click "Apply to Mouse over" button.

7. Set " DHTMLMenu ", " Glanda ", " SWF Decompiler " items' background property :
Choose these three items by pressing SHIFT key and click Background of "Menu Item Settings". In Mouse out , set Bg color as #86B758. In Mouse over , set Bg color as #8FC665 (R:143 G:198 B:101).


In step 3, we will learn to add sub menu item for popup menu.

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