Step 3-5: Finish and Test DHTML Menu

Step 3: Sub Menu Item

Add sub menu to "DHTMLMenu" :
Choose "DHTMLMenu" menu item and click "Insert Item" button four times to add 4 sub menu items.

In General , input text in order: Download , Order , Sample , FAQ .
Set the sub menu's properties

Click "DHTMLMenu" and look at "Popup Menu Settings". In General , set transparency as 30, padding as 7. Click Effect and set "Effect for showing" as "Box in" and "Effect for hiding" is "Box out". Effect speed is 70.

Step 4: Add separator line and set its properties

Add a Separate line :
Choose "Products" menu item and click "Insert Separator" button and a separator will be added above it.

Set separate line's properties :
Choose this line and find "Separator Settings" in Tasks panel. Click General and set separator color as black, and separator size as 2.

Add the same separate line to another item :
Click "Copy" button to copy this line.

Choose "<Top-level Menu>" and click "Paste" button to paste. The pasted line will be added at the bottom of this menu. Drag and move it above "Forum" item.
So you have added the same separate line above "Forum".

Step 5: Test menu in browsers

Click "Preview" button to preview menu in the default browser or choose an external browser from the drop-down list to preview.
The browser will be launched and you can view the menu.


In step 6, we will learn to publish the menu into web page.

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