Use SharedObject to Save Local Data

Shared objects are quite powerful: they offer real-time data sharing between objects that are persistent on the local location. You can think of local shared objects as "cookies."

SharedObject can be taken as a small database, we use it to store any data type supported by Flash, such as, number, character string, array, object, etc. ShareObject can be divided into local (exist client-side) and long-distance (exist serve side). Extension of local shared object is .sol. For windows2000 (xp), the default storage path is “Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\Server domain name path\Flash movie name”; for Windows98 (xp), the default storage path is “Documents and Settings\[User]\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\ Server domain name path\Flash movie name.

Method summary for the SharedObject object
1. SharedObject.getLocal: Returns a reference to a locally persistent shared object that is available only to the current client.
2. SharedObject.flush: Immediately writes a locally persistent shared object to a local file.
3. The collection of attributes assigned to the data property of the object, which will be shared and/or stored.
If you get the above knowledge, you can use shared object to store external data now.


//For instance, some variables such as weapon, up, down, left, right, jump, atk in SWF game;
//Use following sentences to write to local data;
var so:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("keyset"); = weapon; = up; = down; = left; = right; = jump; = atk;
so.flush();//Immediately write data, If this method is not called, Player can also call them automatically when it shuts down.
//Use the following sentences to read local data.
var so:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("keyset");
weapon =;
up =;
down =;
left =;
right =;
jump =;
atk =;


Local shared object can only storage data in default path, and extension can only be .sol.

Hope you are on the right track!  Thanks for sharing time with me~

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