How to Extract Flash Resources on Mac OS?

Finding a Flash decompiler for Mac OS is a great way to enrich your Flash design resources. You can extract desired SWF elements from existing SWF files and add them into your own Flash movies. Almost all SWF resources can be easily extracted, like shapes, images, sounds (*.mp3 or *.wav), videos (*.flv), fonts, texts, buttons, sprites, ActionScript, etc.


Follow this guide to extract Flash resources on Mac OS.

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Step 1: Open Target SWF in Flash Decompiler for Mac OS

Launch Flash decompiler for Mac OS, and open the target SWF file in the left explorer panel.

Flash Mac OS - Interface


Step 2: Check the Decompiled Flash SWF Elements

Now go to the right panel and you will enter "Single File Export" mode by default. Click the name of the SWF file, and you will see all the Flash resources contained in the SWF file are automatically decompiled and listed by category.

Flash Mac OS - Decompile Flash Resrouces


Step 3: Export Flash resources

Check the SWF resources you want to export, and then click the "Extract" button. Now you will see the following popup window:

Flash Mac OS - Export Flash Resrouces

Set export path and choose export file format, and then click "OK" to start exporting the SWF resources.

When the desired SWF resources have been exported successfully, you can go to the specified folder to find the extracted Flash resources.

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