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Sothink SWF Editor 1.3 (Build 614)

New Features:

  • Support Windows 8.
  • Update the Digital Signature.

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Sothink SWF Editor 1.3 (Build 603)

New Features:

  • Update digital signature.


Sothink SWF Editor 1.2 (Build 528)

New Features:

  • Support opening multiple files at one time;
  • Support only displaying the SWF tags of the selected category.
  • The preview window is changed to the floating window rather than part of the main window.
  • Combine "Style" and "Language" to "Option" in the menu bar.


Sothink SWF Editor 1.1 (Build 389)

New Features:

  • Add support for opening and editing GLS files;
  • Add two language interfaces, Russian and Portuguese.


Sothink SWF Editor 1.0 (Build 280)

Main Features:

  • Open and edit SWF files by changing tag values;
  • Show/Hide the SWF file header;
  • Sort the SWF tags by default order or by category;
  • Preview individual tag node of the SWF file;
  • Search content by Type/Value.
  • Save the edited SWF files.



Product Info

File Size: 6.74 MB
Latest version: 1.3
Build number: 603
Uninstall: Supported
System Requirement:
Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000

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