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Custom Menu

What is custom menu?
Custom menu is a dynamic menu which does not show on a web page unless it is activated by viewer's certain action, such as a mouse click. In Sothink DHTML Menu, advanced users could directly write JavaScript function as an activating condition.

How to create custom menu?
In Task panel (right side), You will find in ''Global > Menu Type", please click it. Then you should select the "custom" in the Property panel (bottom). This is an option for advanced users who are familiar with JavaScript and DHTML.

If you select this option, the "Menu name" box will be activated and you should give a name for your menu at first.
And then call JavaScript function showFloatMenuAt(menuName, x, y) when you want to display the menu.

Here are two examples:


Example 1 -- click to show menu

If you would like to show the menu after a click, please call the function (showFloatMenuAt(menuName, x, y)) in the event -- "onClick". The code is as follows:

onClick="showFloatMenuAt(menuName, x, y)"

Example: Click "Sothink DHTML Menu" to display the menu


Sothink DHTML Menu  helps web designers on creating professional DHTML pop-up menu for web pages without writing JavaScript code. It doesn't require the designer to have any DHTML or JavaScript experience. Sothink DHTML Menu generates robust code compatible with almost all available web browsers.

The code of "Sothink DHTML Menu" is:
<a href="javascript:;" onclick="event.cancelBubble=true;hideMenu('menu2');showFloatMenuAt('menu1',event.clientX+stgcl(),event.clientY+stgct()+5);
">Sothink DHTMLMenu</a>

Note: If you call showFloatMenuAt() in a JavaScript Click event handle, you should assign event.cancelBubble to true firstly.


Example 2 -- display menu when mousing over


If you would like to show the menu immediately when viewer's mouse over the text, and hide it after mousing out, please use

onMouseOver=showFloatMenuAt(menuName, x, y) onMouseOut=hideMenu('menuName');

Example: Move mouse over "Sothink Glanda" to display the menu.

Sothink Glanda is a template-based tool designed to create Flash movies for your web site in a fast and easy way. By a few mouse clicks, you can create a variety of animated effects such as buttons, navigation, splash pages, graphic logos. Sothink Glanda create same SWF file like Macromedia Flash, but it doesn't need any Flash design experience or art design skill. WYSIWYG design panel and integrated preview makes the creation become more intuitionistic.

The code of "Sothink Glanda" is:
event.clientX+stgcl(),event.clientY+stgct()+5 <a href="javascript:;" onmouseover="hideMenu('menu1');showFloatMenuAt('menu2',);" onmouseout="hideMenu('menu2');">Sothink Glanda</a>

In above two examples, we use dynamic coordinates instead of static one-- event.clientX+stgcl(),event.clientY+stgct()+5

event.pageX and event.pageY are for Netscape 4 browser;
event.clientX+stgcl() and event.clientY+stgcl() are for other browsers.


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Flash is a trademark of Adobe.
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