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Drop down menu-tutorial: how to position a dropdown menu in webpage?

To make your webpage look nice, you need to put the menu in exact position. Before doing that, firstly you should create a menu with some menu editor. (We take Sothink DHTML Menu for example in this drop down menu-tutorial.)

The following drop down menu-tutorial is about positioning a menu in webpage by Table. Here we use Dreamweaver. Let’s check the drop down menu-tutorial below:

Drop Down menu-tutorial —— Step One: Create A New Page

Create a new page in Dreamweaver, click View > Rulers > Show and open the ruler, which will be helpful to position your menu exactly.

Create drop down menu

Drop Down menu-tutorial —— Step Two: Insert Table

Next, we will build a menu and place it in proper position.

Insert a table, and leave blank for table width. So its width will auto lengthen based on menus’s width in this drop down menu-tutorial.

position drop-down menu

Drop Down menu-tutorial —— Step Three: Insert Image

Then, insert an image in the right cell.

drop down menu creation

insert dhtml menu

Drop Down menu-tutorial —— Step Four: Open Your Menu

I want to put the menu in the left cell, so put the cursor in the left cell, go to the menu bar in Dreamweaver and click Sothink > DHTMLMenu, then save the page and open an existing PGT file (the project file of Sothink DHTMLMenu) of your menu. (Here you will see a DHTMLMenu widget is listed in Dreamweaver. It is a great feature of Sothink DHTML Menu, so please install the widget during the installation of the program.)

open javascript menu

Set the menu’s height as the same with blue area’s to make the image and menu match well.

Sothink DHTML Menu


Drop Down menu-tutorial —— Step Five: Save and Preview

Save the menu and the page; Preview the webpage for a check.

View DHTML Menu

preview dropdown menu

See? There is something wrong with the menu alignment. The menu is little higher than the blue area. How to solve the problem? Let’s go on with the drop down menu-tutorial as follows.


Drop Down menu-tutorial —— Step Six: Adjust the Menu Alignment

The drop down menu-tutorial below is to show how to adjust the menu alignment, and make the menu and image work well.

Adjust web menu

Choose the table cell that menu is in. Set the vertical alignment as bottom to lower menu’s position.

naviation bar alignment

Align DHTML Menu


Drop Down menu-tutorial —— Step Seven: Preview the Effect

At last, save the page and preview the effect in browser.

View web menu

See? The menu and blue area of image make one row in the page. Not clear? Check the video for the drop down tutorial here.

P.S. Here is the drop down menu-tutorial about how to position a menu in webpage by Layer, and you can refer to it for a check.

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