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How to Create a PHP Drop Down Menu?

How to create a PHP drop down menu? The tutorial below shows the operating steps from mySQL database to complete a PHP DHTML menu, here we take Sothink DHTML Menu for example, and please have a check.

Setps to create PHP drop down menu

Sample of PHP drop down menu


Step One

Before creating a PHP DHTML menu, please make a database including the product categories and the specific products:

  1. Create a database named "dmenu" and a database user named "duser" in mySQL
  2. Set the password as 123
  3. Generate tables with codes below:

    CREATE TABLE Category (
    CID int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    Name char(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
    Notes char(255),
    CREATE TABLE Product (
    PID int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    CID int(11),
    Name char(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL,
    Link char(255),
    Notes char(255),

  4. Add a few records to the tables.


Step Two

Create a new menu with Sothink DHTML Menu, click Menu Item > General, select HTML and input <?=$CatName?> in the context box.

PHP Dropdown Menu

Next, click Menu Item > Condition, and input the prefix and suffix there.

Drop Down Menu - Condition

NOTE: Please uncheck "Preview > Enable Auto-Refresh" when creating PHP drop down menus, or you may get a warning because it is the server-side condition code which cannot be processed by the browser directly, but it won’t happens for the PHP drop down menu in a sever-supported PHP page
Tips:To prevent the error popping up, please add the JavaScript comment delimiters /* and */ to Prefix and Suffix:


for ($i = 0; $i < $numrowsCat; $i++)
$rowCat = mysql_fetch_array($resultCat);
$CatName = $rowCat["Name"];



Step Three

Add a sub item, set it as HTML and input <?=$ProName?> in the box, next, input <?=$Link?> in Link field.

Drop Down Menu - General

Click Menu Item> Condition, and input the prefix and suffix there.

Web Menu - Condition

Note: Please do check "This item may be invisible at run-time" when creating the PHP drop down menu, otherwise, the property code would not be referenced and the whole PHP drop down menu would not work correctly.

Sample for a PHP Menu

Click here for the PHP menus ample

PHP Navigation Menu

Observe the PHP menu above, which contains two levels: the parent level showing the product categories and the sub level showing the specific products. Actually, only two menu items are in the PHP drop down menu: one is in the parent level and the other in the sub level.

The final result for the PHP menu is just got from database:


As to the source code of the PHP drop down menu, please check the details here.

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