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How to add a dropdown menu to HTML page?

A html dropdown menu typically contains a list of pages on your site that your visitors can select from a dropdown list. The following tutorial walks you through adding a html dropdown menu to your page. Let’s do it for a check.

Step 1

Please open an existing page locally in your web page editor (e.g. Dreamweaver) or create a new page and save it to a new created folder (named "menu" for example) in your computer.

Create drop down menu

Step 2

Launch your html dropdown menu editor (usually we use Sothink DHTML Menu) and create a html dropdown menu next, after the html dropdown menu is done, save the html dropdown menu as a PGT file to the "menu" folder, and then click the button "Publish" and choose the option "Publish JS...". to publish the html dropdown menu.

Sothink DHTML Menu Builder

Step 3

Click Folder button to choose a directory to save the generated js file for the html dropdown menu. Here we set the path as “E:\tutorial\menu\topmenu.js”. But make sure you set the path of the js file inside the site root folder, or you have to modify the js file path manually.

DHTML Menu - Publish JS

Step 4

Click the first button "Copy All" to copy the menu code within <HEAD> tag of HTML code, and then find such tags in your HTML page: <Head> and </Head>.

DHTML Menu - Copy Code

Next, please paste the menu code between <head> and </head> of your HTML page.

Insert DHTML menu code

Step 5

Then, click the second button "Copy All" to copy the menu code within <BODY> tag of HTML code, find the tage <Body> and </Body> in your HTML page, and paste the menu code between <body> and </body> there.

Copy web menu code

Insert web menu code

Step 6

Turn to Dreamweaver and save the html page.

Step 7

Go to Sothink DHTML Menu, and check the option "Copy the resource files" to copy and paste the resource files used in this html dropdown menu to the defined folders; next, click OK, the program will copy and paste the resource files automatically.

Drop down menu - copy resources

DHTML Menu - publish menu

At last, you can preview your html dropdown menu in a browser for a check. If it works well, it means you have added the html dropdown menu to your webpage successfully.

preview web menu

P.S. A html dropdown menu is where you have multiple options stored in a menu accessible by using the scroll bar arrow. You can refer to the page here for the video tutorial about adding the html dropdown menu to webpage.

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