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50 Beautiful And User-Friendly Web Menu

Since web menu is the most significant element in site navigation, in most cases, simple, intuitive and conventional solutions are usually the best option. However, it doesn't mean that they need to be boring. Web menus need to be simple enough for the user to understand, but also contain the elements necessary to guide the user through the website - with some creativity and good design thrown in.

Let's take a look at 50 excellent web menu samples presented in this article, from which you can observe and get some ideas of developing further in your website projects. All these web menu examples have one thing in common: they are creative, good-looking, and perfectly fit to the style of their respective websites.

1. 10 classic business web menus

2. 10 perfect CSS-based web menus

3. 10 popular drop down web menus

4. 10 creative art web menus

5. 10 nice simple-style web menus

  • 10 classic business web menus
    Perfume Connection
    This web menu uses product icons and large size digits as navigation options.

    web menu - classic menu

    Nick Tones
    It is a dynamic, colorful and yet still somehow usable navigation web menu.

    navigation bar - classic menu

    Children Splace
    How colorful and beautiful the web menu is! The kids surely will like this style.

    web menu - colorful menu

    A clear and nice web menu.

    web menu - clear menu

    A perfect example of how one should organize huge amounts of content into clear and easily distinguishable sections.
    web menu -amazon menu

    Colourpixel has a very interesting layout for its portfolio. It combines all of its sections onto a single page, and allows each item to be hidden or revealed, as demanded by the user.

    navigation bar - colour menu

    Cheese Cake Factory
    This is a simple and special web menu with nice-looking.

    web menu - nice looking menu

    This is Flash-based web navigation from an Indian Web design agency.

    web design menu - flash-based menu

    Budget Travel
    This web menu organizes plenty of content in a simple and clear way.

    drop down menu - budget menu

    See the great sub-menu that uses transparency to separate it from the main menu.

    dropdown menu - sub menus

  • 10 perfect CSS-based web menus
    Special navigation layout. The menu well fits in with the grunge theme. It also uses another jQuery drop-down effect.

    web menu - CSS-based menu

    How beautiful the hover effect is! The sub-menus are consistent and include every item.

    web menu - sub menus

    This beautiful web menu is very noticeable and uses a slight hover effect to further define the menu items.

    web menu - blue menu

    The current navigation option is pressed — clear and intuitive.

    navigation bar - grey menu

    This web menu organizes huge amounts of content into clear and easily distinguishable sections. Also, the design of the web is excellent .

    dhtml menu - web menu

    A colorful web menu perfectly fits to the style of the website.

    navigation bar - colorful web menu

    This is very rarely used vertical navigation web menu.

    navigation web menu

    This is a very unusual navigation menu.

    drop down menu

    Smallstone, a U.S. record label, presents its navigation menu in the form of a the so-called Space Echo Roland SE-201.

    dhtml menu - smallstone menu

    Web Design Ledger
    This excellent web menu has large size menu item which doesn't intrude on the content.

    web menu - drop down menu

  • 10 popular drop down web menus
    In this web menu, a jQuery effect is used to create an excellent and very usable drop-down menu.

    drop down web menu

    Flash Pioneer
    Another web menu example of showing how to organize huge amounts of content into clear and simple way.

    navigation bar - template menu

    Vivid icons are used in this menu which reinforce the menu items and add emphasis to each option.

    horizontal web menu

    Marius Roosendaal
    The portfolio items are grouped well in this menu.

    vertical web menu

    Barack Obama
    President Obama’s website has a well-spaced and nicely contrasting list-style sidebar menu.

    web menu for sidebar menu

    Mac Rabbit
    This web menu has large and clean icons to aid the reader in recognizing each item’s function.

    navigation bar - mac menu

    This Flash-based portfolio uses an accordion-like layout for the content. The large type stresses the importance of menu items.

    flash-based web menu

    Porsche Canada
    This web menu has very user-friendly navigation, with many sub-items for each menu item. It is convenient and usable.

    navigation bar

    Thibaud’s Portfolio
    How cool this web menu is! Like items are grouped together.

    web menu - cool menu

    Jeff Sarmiento
    Why not try a sloping navigation options once in a while?

    navigation bar - drop down menu

  • 10 creative art web menus
    Agami Creative
    Tool tips are used in this navigation menu.

    navigation menu -paint menu

    This website organizes all gallery items onto an interesting revolving list.

    drop down menu - grallery menu

    Jeremy Levine Design
    This web menu has a unique layout that allows users to easily browse the website.

    navigation bar - menu layout

    This web menu uses magic icons as navigation options. The icons well fit the website style.

    web menu - navigation bar

    This navigation menu doesn't look like a traditional navigation menu. It uses a floor plan to lead site visitors through the pages of the site.

    navigation menu - drop down menu

    A really unusual navigation menu that uses some kind of a mindmap to illustrate the navigation. And, apart from that, the navigation menu is hand-drawn!

    navigation bar - menu design

    Revolution Driving Tuition
    This website has a great grunge style, and the menu fits right into the layout.

    JavaScript Menu - horizontal menu

    Water’s Edge Media
    This web menu uses clothespins for the navigation options.

    web menu - navigation bar

    It’s pretty hard to find a nice-looking drop-down web menu. This one is a beautiful exception.

    drop-down menu

  • 10 nice simple-style web menus
    Next Day Pets
    This is a colorful web menu.

    web menu - simple-style menu

    This web menu specially uses a couple of paper pieces for its navigation.

    web menu - navigation menu

    This web menu organizes plenty of content in an extremely simple yet usable way.

    JavaScript menu - web menu

    Duarte Pires
    This menu uses large icons, which adds a visual element to the web navigation. Also, the menu on other pages uses the same icons in a vertical layout, bringing consistency to the website.

    dropdown menu

    This is a well-known design studio. It uses scrollable, horizontal navigation for its portfolio. The navigation items can also be displayed in other modes, such as thumbnails, making it even better.

    dhtml menu - menu design

    Jiri Tvrdek
    This web menu presents the navigation options of his site as leaves on a tree. Creative, unusual and memorable.

    drop down menu - stunning menu

    Photo Album Maker
    This web menu is in a popular style which is used by many business websites.

    navigation bar - dhtml menu

    Ruby Tuesday

    The sidebar web menu has exceptional icons and smooth hover effects.

    drop down menu - vertical menu

    Nando Designer
    This web menu uses handwriting and a piece of paper for its main navigation.

    web menu - handwriting menu

    Dragon Interactive
    This web site has a colorful jQuery-based web menu with a great effect.

    web menu - jQuery menu
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